Our Town

“A Voice for You”

I value communication and connection. When residents and/or property owners go to the Pitts Center to deliver public comments to the Southern Shores Town Council, they should get a response from their elected officials. They should not walk away scratching their heads and wondering, “What next?” or “Are they going to do anything?”

Besides more give-and-take at Town Council meetings, I would like to see more public involvement in Council decision-making and better dissemination of public information by Town Hall.

Some of the priorities that I would have as a member of the Town Council include:

  • Promoting open government, by enabling more opportunities for public dialogue with the Town Council and the Town Manager–including an annual all-day planning retreat, by Zoom, if necessary for safety’s sake–and more transparency in the Council’s and Manager’s deliberative process and decision-making.
  • Preventing cut-through traffic, as well as improving traffic flow on Hwy. 12. We need to do more to stop the flow of cut-through traffic on our residential roads and also investigate how we can improve the flow of traffic on Hwy. 12, so that vacationers will stay on the thoroughfare and not jump to the “shortcut.”
  • Reviewing tax assessments for general municipal expenses and beach nourishment, with an eye toward lowering your tax bill, not increasing it, by tightening the Town General Fund budget and identifying alternative funding, such as federal and state grants, for beach nourishment and other environmental projects. I also would like to resurrect the idea of increasing the Dare County sales tax to pay for all beach nourishment on the Outer Banks.    
  • Protecting the vision and future of Southern Shores as a seaside residential community comprised primarily of small low-density neighborhoods. (See “Ann’s Story” for the full vision statement.) We need to update our land-use plan to address issues that either were not on the horizon in 2008, when the last plan was adopted, or were less serious, such as the cut-through traffic, the rise in hotel-like Airbnb house rentals (not just a guest room or suite) by nonresident owners, and major proposed changes to our commercial district, and do the necessary planning to enact zoning ordinances that protect the Southern Shores vision. We need to be proactive!  
  • Supporting road maintenance and infrastructure changes that are fiscally responsible and supported by property owners. Before we set aside $1 million annually to maintain the Town’s 37 miles of roads, we should solicit public opinion about this added expense. (The annual budget appropriation for roads has been $675,000.) We also need to discuss as a town infrastructure changes that I have heard mentioned in Town Council meetings—such as widening or dead-ending roads. Widening residential roads has always been discouraged by our Land Use Plan. If that policy is going to be changed, it should be changed by majority voice as a result of a Land Use Plan update .

What quality-of-life, housing, financial, or other concerns do you have? What do you think should be the Town Council’s top priorities? What changes or improvements would you like to see in town?

Please write to me at P.O. Box 1615, Kitty Hawk, NC 27949, email me at vote4annsj@gmail.com, or call me at (252) 261-0269 and tell me what you think.

A Town Council member is a “big-picture” decision maker, a role that takes into account policymaking, planning, and lawmaking, as well as a representative of constituents. When someone in town has a question or a problem, that person should be able to call upon a Town Council member for assistance. You will be able to do that with me.

I know the Southern Shores Town Code fairly well and can usually answer any inquiries about it. If I don’t have a ready answer for you, I can find one through quick research.

If your question or concern requires liaising with Town Hall, I can do that as well. I have good relationships with staff members, who have always responded promptly and thoughtfully to any issues I’ve brought up on behalf of residents.

There is no place in the world like Southern Shores. We have the magnificent ocean; uncrowded, pristine beaches (so far); lofty, tree-sheltered dunes; a beautiful maritime forest; and the serene, but sometimes turbulent Currituck Sound all within the expanse of one mile, from east to west.

I am eager and ready to work hard to protect this special place and town and to safeguard and improve the quality of our lives in it. I would like to be a voice for you.

Thank you so much.