Happy Halloween, everyone!

Having spent most of the past two to three weeks going door-to-door in Southern Shores, I know where I would trick-or-treat if I were a child.

There are some side streets in town that are so decked out in fun Halloween spookery that they would be irresistible to me.

My favorite Halloween experiences while I was campaigning occurred on Goose Feather Lane in Chicahauk and Beech Tree Trail in the Southern Shores woods.

The doorbell at the Goose Feather house groaned like the doorbell at the Addams family’s residence—not surprising, considering all of the skeletons and graves in the front yard—and a lifelike taller-than-I-am Wolfman stood menacingly at the threshold of the Beech Tree home. From a distance, it looked human!

Sadly, no human answered the door there. I would have liked to have complimented the homeowners on their imaginative and scary artistry.

I also love the Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton on the east side of South Dogwood Trail near Ginguite. Giant-sized skeletons and their body parts are definitely in vogue this year.

Smaller skeletons hang from trees, cling to window ledges, or simply hang out, like the two pirates and their pets on East Dogwood Trail, above.

Folks are definitely working their fingers to the bone this Halloween. Their yard displays are outrageous pieces of theater. Bravo!

I would like to thank everyone who spoke with me when I knocked unexpectedly on their door and introduced myself. Most everyone was friendly and gracious. Many were eager to talk and share their opinions—which was a joy for me. Communication is in my “skill set.” I also picked up a few ideas that I’d like to try.

Most everyone in town has a dog. The doorbell seemed to elicit a Pavlovian reaction of barking at nearly every house I stopped by. I got so I enjoyed seeing what type of dog would emerge. We have quite an assortment in town.

There’s a little white fluff of a dog named Atticus Rex living on Wax Myrtle Trail. His name alone had me smiling. Being a former college English major and a produced playwright, I couldn’t resist this little guy’s moniker.

I also love the older dogs who, even though they’re moving slowly, still unfailingly advance toward a stranger with their tails wagging.

I probably don’t need to tell you that Tuesday, Nov. 2, is Election Day.

Please stop by the polling place and say hello, even if you have already voted. I expect to be outside the Kitty Hawk Elementary School gym all day, greeting voters and handing out my campaign cards. I’ll also be game for talking about the issues. The polls will be open from 6:30 a.m. until 7:30 p.m.

Win or lose, I will be celebrating Election Night—truly—although, I admit, I would rather win than lose.

Campaigning can be grueling, but it’s also a lot of fun, and it’s very enriching. I find the challenge of campaigning, like all challenges, immensely satisfying. Challenge makes a person dig down deep inside, I think, and break free of comfortable boundaries. It may cause anxiety, but it also fosters personal growth.

Thank you to all of my supporters and to all voters in town, regardless of whom they choose. I would be honored to represent all Southern Shores residents in the Town Council. I promise I’ll always listen and be a voice for you.

My team and I will be picking up yard signs on Wednesday. Thank you to all who displayed one.

Have fun and be safe tonight.

Warm wishes, Ann

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