Dear Friends and Neighbors:

My rescheduled meet-and-greet will be held next Saturday, Oct. 16, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m., at 231 Ocean Blvd., in Southern Shores. Please mark your calendars and spread the word.

The venue is a beach-box cottage that I have owned for 30 years. It has long been described as “oceanside,” because it is across from the oceanfront. It is now in municipal service district 2. 🙂

We will be COVID-19-conscious and gather primarily on the decks out front. There also is a screen porch that we can use. The house will be open, in order for people to serve themselves refreshments and use the facilities. We ask that you wear a face mask when you are inside. (Outside, please wear a mask if you are not vaccinated.)

There should be ample parking along the roadside on Ocean Boulevard and nearby Periwinkle Place. We will be in touch with the Southern Shores Police Dept. in advance to advise officers of the event.

This will be a weekend happy hour gathering, so we anticipate serving wine and beer, along with soft drinks and bottled water. The food menu is still in the works, but it will consist of easy-to-pick-up snacks.

So far, the weather forecast for Saturday looks grand, with high temps in the mid-80s and lows in the mid-60s.

Please join me for a pleasant and relaxing time on the “oceanside.” We can work some politics into the mix, too.

Best wishes, Ann

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