Dear Friends and Neighbors:

As I said I would in my last campaign update, I posted my responses online last Saturday to the League of Women Voters of Dare County’s excellent issues questionnaire.

Alas, I also discovered upon doing so that the 750- to 1,000-word limit one of the League volunteers told me I would have per question was actually a 1,000-character limit—and that included spaces! (I was in writer’s heaven with 1,000 words. I should’ve known!)

So, I whittled down my thoughtful “in-depth” responses to bullet points and fired away.

I may publish my actual responses to some of the questions on this blog, so you can see the true depth of my thinking. I spent a lot of time crafting a response to a question about how I would involve the public in the Town’s decision-making, which is a principal objective of mine. I have many ideas.

I believe the involvement of residents and property owners in decisions affecting the Town’s growth and development, environmental preservation, capital improvements, and any big-ticket projects is critical to ensuring a bright future for Southern Shores.

First on my list of “to-dos” is updating the Town’s Land Use Plan, which dates to 2008. The Land Use Plan is an important policymaking and planning blueprint for the Town Council, and, as key stakeholders, the public is integrally involved in its update. We need to get together again and talk about our town’s identity, character, ambiance, and quality of life, and how to preserve its many assets

You may access the League’s voter’s guide at www.vote411.org.

Don’t forget to register for the League’s Southern Shores candidates forum, which will be held virtually via Zoom on Wed., Oct. 13, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

You may register for the forum, and also submit a question to ask the candidates, at Webinar Registration – Zoom.

You also may submit a question for candidates by email to DareLWV@gmail.com. The League asks that you include your name and town of residence with your email.

According to the LWV, each of the five candidates will be given two minutes for an opening statement, after which a question-and-answer period will occur. The questions will come from the audience and may be directed to as many candidates as the questioner requests. Candidates will have two minutes in which to respond to each question. At the conclusion of the Q&A, candidates will have two minutes for a closing statement. 

The forum videotape will be available for viewing on You Tube after Oct. 13.

I am working on a campaign mailer that will be arriving in your mailboxes soon. Please let me know if you need a campaign yard sign. (Email vote4annsjoe@ gmail.com.) Someone from my team will run one out to you.

My rescheduled Sept. 19 meet-and-greet is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, Oct. 16. Please pencil in the event on your calendar. I will provide more details next week.

One more thing . . . A good friend of mine recently described me as fierce in a Facebook tag. I certainly value her friendship and her support–she has been wonderful in helping me with my campaign–but I think a better word would be passionate. Fierce makes me seem a little scary, which I definitely am not.

I am passionate in my advocacy to protect Southern Shores and to resolve problems residents may have–and strong, as my friend said–but I usually wear my heart on my sleeve. I fight hard for what I believe is fair and just, but there’s nothing scary about me. I am very approachable and empathetic.

It’s another glorious October day. Enjoy! And thanks for checking in on my campaign.

(P.S., I keep trying to take a good picture with Augie. The one above is my latest attempt.)

Warm wishes, Ann

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